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Website development today is driven often by dynamic, content driven sites whose core is underwritten in PHP, utilizing databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. The use of dynamic applications on the web allows for user-driven content, e-commerce driven marketing advantages, and a wider and more popular site profile as the site content changes. As you'll see throughout this site, we have a love of the web and a dedication to making attractive, user friendly sites. Consider SheppLog for your next web project.



SEO Administration

Arelis Software SheppLog Ventures into SEO

01/04/06 SheppLog now is now performing SEO Administration for a number of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sites primarily focussed on the home improvement and home and garden industry, including D.I.Y. Kits for sheds, cabanas, retractable awnings, and leather products to new a few. The same rules apply to any site, in that SEO is tacked on the benchmarks created by Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, and other Page Ranking aspects.

SheppLog has developed a customized portal site for its client to gather statistical information on Page Rank, Site Position, and relevant "backlinks" from other trusted e-commerce sites. This allows the client to view and evaluate each site's conversion value against its site position.

DMLmusic.com Launched

DML Douglas Lechinsky launches his new website, www.dmlmusic.com with the help of SheppLog

10/28/05 After several days of content and image retooling, some server side bugs, mail configuration, and server security hardening, dmlmusic made it's maiden voyage onto the web this past Wednesday. "All reports are good, my clientele and associates are loving the site and all the cool resources.." says DML. Read more about DML

SheppLog Migrates with BlueHost

Blue HostServer switch has few issues and BlueHost Staff were great

10/20/05 Having been the victim of several server meltdowns and the need for clients to have their mail server unfettered and unblocked forced John Shepp to take matters in his own hands and migrate to the Utah-based BlueHost network several weeks ago. "Apart from the fact that the costs were negligible and considerably cheaper that hosting the sites myself, the admins at BlueHost have been terrific!" says Shepp. "Now whenever I leave town for a few days I'm not thinking about whether the server got tripped up or DDOS'ed!" he adds.

BlueHost was given the nod by mamboserver.com, the portal for the mambo CMS, one of the most predominant CMS packages on earth today, as a host that is easy to deal with. This is very apparent when you call BlueHost's toll-free line to talk about technical issues, and you need only press one number to get in the queue, which is generally short. When the tech answers, the response is professional, knowledgeable, and solutions are created quickly and easily. Considering that you get all of this plus an amazing server package for the same price as other hosts charge you for half as much, BlueHost will no doubt continue to get very popular.